Super-Frog Saves Tokyo Drops Debut Album 'Straw Man' | EDM Identity

2022-04-26 03:50:23 By : Ms. Judy Ciler

Back at the start of this year, we made a few predictions regarding who was on deck to have an amazing ride. In trance – we mentioned Super-Frog Saves Tokyo as one to watch – primarily because of his amazing efforts signed to Solarstone’s Pure Trance family. Now this artist is taking music fans across genres and atmospheres on his debut album, Straw Man.

The darker vibes of electronic music ring loudly throughout the runtime of Straw Man. Deeper touches of melodic grooves, acid synth lines, and grating metal more akin to industrial, all play in the space. Tracks like “Black Mountain” – a soon-to-release single with a special Acid mix – absolutely grabs the ears with white noise stabs and grating metallic elements. Simply put, it’s a stunning piece of work. Right after it, Super-Frog Saves Tokyo flips to an ambient interlude in “Lament.” The cinematic mood also appeals to listeners on tracks like “Barn Burning” which plays with big swinging synthesizer lines that would feel right at home in the world of Blade Runner.

Familiar sounds also ring out. “Kyoto,” “Air Brake,” and “Beautiful Surfaces” are all here in their full glory. For the new listeners, “Beautiful Surfaces” treated us to the unique styles of Super-Frog Saves Tokyo on Pure Trance 8, while “Kyoto” exposed the Pure Trance family to this producer’s ability to entrance listeners when it dropped as part of Electronic Architecture 4. “Air Brake” keeps those 303 vibes alive, even as they seem to percolate through much of the scene right now – enjoy that bassline groove.

If your flavor of dance music involves deeper vibes, melodies, and a matured focus, Straw Man is right up your alley. The tempos move throughout, so while listening is not smooth, it remains varied and captivating. Get lost in the ocean of sounds here – there’s much to love!

Are you ready to enter a new era with Super-Frog Saves Tokyo? Grab your copy of Straw Man on Bandcamp or listen to it on Spotify.

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