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2022-08-13 05:46:39 By : Mr. UG Best

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There are only so many ways to make eggs, right? Well, leave it to TikTok to come up with a whole new method for serving them.

Grated eggs have gone viral on TikTok, and the trend is a whole new take on avocado toast.

Content creator Sarah Thomas-Drawbaugh (@healthyishfoods) appears to be the progenitor of the trend. She posted her hack back in January, and as of press time, it’s sitting pretty at a cool 3.5 million views. Now, it has really picked up steam with videos recreating the recipe garnering thousands of views.

How do you make grated egg avocado toast?

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Thomas-Drawbaugh starts by toasting a piece of bread, and while it’s warming, she slices an avocado. Once the toast is done, she adds three dollops of Kewpie mayo to it and smoothes the condiment into a thin layer. She then places the avocado slices on top. Now, it’s onto the star of the show: grated egg.

The content creator takes a flat grater and begins to gently run a hardboiled egg over top. Steadily, shredded bits of the egg fall from the grater, landing on top of the avocado in a perfect pile. As the final step, she adds a bit of sriracha, and breakfast is served.

It's your turn to try a grated egg.

If you’ve been looking to add a nutritious breakfast into your morning routine, this grated egg avocado toast won’t just be delicious, it could also help you be more productive.

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