Cyclist settles suit with PUB over injury due to drain grating

2022-09-10 03:23:42 By : Mr. Allen Hu

SINGAPORE — A cyclist who had filed a negligence suit against PUB agreed on Wednesday (7 September) to a settlement offer from the national water agency after one day of trial.

There is no admission of liability by PUB under the terms of the out-of-court settlement, which are confidential, according to a report by The Straits Times.

Maung Maung Aung Soe Thu, a 42-year-old Myanmar national, was seeking damages of $578,000 from PUB in the suit.

On 16 January last year, the front wheel of Maung Maung’s bicycle was stuck in a 3cm gap of a drain grating at Changi Point Coastal Walk, causing him to fall and suffer head and spine injuries, as well as facial fractures.

Maung Maung stated in his suit that PUB had breached its duty of care due to him and other road users by failing to ensure the safety of drain gratings along the road. PUB argued that it was not negligent and the duty of care did not apply in the incident.

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