Moving One Step Closer to Less Single Use Plastics | News |

2023-04-14 21:09:42 By : Ms. Ruth Ying

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Moving One Step Closer to Less Single Use Plastics | News |

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. - The Rehoboth Beach Environmental Committee wants to require customers to ask for a straw, to cut back on single use plastic. 

Assistant Manager at Nalu, Nicholas Rosado, said they already do this but many of their famous beverages require a straw, "Like frozen drinks like there's no other way to put that down, when it's hot in summer, no matter what it's frozen water. Yeah those are the ones that typically get a straw, sometimes a bigger straw than normal."

Although some visitors like Paul McManus thinks going green is the way to go, "I think that's a good step in the right direction to do that because it will reduce the amount of plastic used."

The committee has advocated for less straws and single use plastics for years.

While this is a small first step for the committee, some say paper straws aren't the right alternative.

"I find them a bit... They don't get to the bottom of the drink in time, you know they perish." said McManus.

Nalu already uses some paper products to be environmentally friendly, but it is not always ideal, "It's just the sustainability, if they can hold up for the drink or what you need them to be used for. We have some paper products for to go, which has taken away plastic from that but a lot of times, plastic is the only thing that can help." said Rosado.

First straws, next  single use plastics altogether as the committee continues efforts to get eats in Rehoboth Beach to convert to alternative eco-friendly products.

The next step is for this ordinance request to go in front of City Commissioners for consideration. The group's goal is to have the ordinance approved and implemented beginning Memorial Day.

Moving One Step Closer to Less Single Use Plastics | News |

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