Upcoming Metal Releases: 4/10/2022-4/16/2022

2022-05-14 20:27:55 By : Mr. Raincal Row

Here are the new (and recent) metal releases for the week of April 10th, 2022 to April 16th, 2022, 2022. Releases reflect proposed North American scheduling, if available. Expect to see most of these albums on shelves or distros on Fridays.

See something we missed or have any thoughts? Let us know in the comments. Plus, as always, feel free to post your own shopping lists. Happy digging.

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Anatomia + Undergang -- Split LP | Me Saco un Ojo | Death + Doom Metal | Japan + Denmark

From Brandon Corsair's full album premiere:

It’s always a great day when gods of death team up, and for Japanese death metallers Anatomia and Danish beasts Undergang, this isn’t their first time. Not satisfied with the devastating results of 2017’s 10” crusher collaboration (released in both Danish and Japanese, which is a really cool gimmick!), they’re back some five years later with a second split to crush us again. Who does that? I can’t even think of anyone else—but it fucking works, as you’d expect from two masterful bands at the top of their game.

The Troops of Doom -- Antichrist Reborn | Alma Mater Records | Death + Thrash Metal | Brazil

Featuring Early Sepultura guitarist Jairo "Tormentor" Guedz and a host of Brazilian death metal diehards, The Troops of Doom shoots for (and succeeds in achieving) an early form of death/thrash metal where the two genres weren't fully separated just yet. The beefy aggression feels more modern, though, and drives home the destructive riffs.

Epitaphe -- II | Aesthetic Death | Doom + Death Metal | France

From Ted Nubel's full album premiere:

With three nearly 20 minute long tracks forming the core of the album, II's sprawling opuses meld death and doom metal with elegant excursions into progressive rock and even ambient elements. As the nearly-unending slew of cryptic riffs and pummeling barrages erode any connections to the outside world, II offers unexpectedly vivid moments of softer beauty alongside its capacity for blistering aggression. Epitaphe doesn't just trade off between loud and soft, though, combining their seemingly disparate sounds into a fully out-of-body experience.

Alunah -- Strange Machine | Heavy Psych Sounds | Doom + Stoner Metal | United Kingdom

Soulful and catchy stoner doom—Strange Machine has an unusual magic to its head-nodding cadence.

Disfuneral -- Blood Red Tentacle | Redefining Darkness Records | Death Metal | France

Unruly and malicious death metal steeped in HM-2 worship and an insatiable thirst for blood.

Faceless Entity -- The Great Anguish of Rapture | Argento Records | Black Metal | Netherlands

Only faint tendrils of disturbing melody manage to make it through the raw, grating guitar tones and sharp drum tones, but that half-heard, half-felt sensation is what makes the hairs stand up on your neck listening to this.

Månegarm -- Ynglingaättens öde | Napalm Records | Viking + Black + Folk Metal | Sweden

On their tenth full-length, Månegarm blend keening folk melodies with aggressive metal textures with excellent results—to be honest, I usually check out with stuff that's primarily Viking metal, but there's an excellent balance to the Swedish band's approach that isn't too cheesy or self-absorbed.

Qaalm -- Resilience & Despair | Trepanation Recordings | Sludge + Doom Metal | United States (Los Angeles, CA)

Gloomy doom just hits harder when it's as long and as viciously sludgy as Resilience & Despair is—a massive, sprawling examination of suffering. Crawling along at glacial paces, the melancholic atmosphere this album creates is something special.

Felvum -- Fullmoon Mysticism | Out of Season | Black Metal | Ukraine

Not the most mind-blowing black metal you'll hear this year, but a very atavistic trip back to second-wave black metal fundamentals from a new Ukrainian project. Notably features Crying Orc of Këkht Aräkh on guitars.

Ande -- Vehemence | Naturmacht Productions | Atmospheric Black Metal | Belgium

Ande takes the idea of being 'atmospheric' very seriously, and on Vehemence, their fifth full-length, the solo project dives into lengthy compositions that venture past black metal--or maybe just toy with its boundaries--experimenting with moody leads and roomy passages.