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Planning and building with GSI InterSystems and Davis Equipment was “great,” according to Trent Wadd, Operations Manager of Crystal Valley, Janesville, MN. “They explained all the options – really listening to us – ultimately designing what would work best. They ensured equipment arrived on time – so important for our tight schedule. One feature that really stands out is the full set of stairs which make accessing equipment for maintenance easier and safer. The new system’s speed and quality are impressive, especially the blends. It really shines with impregnation.

Overhead view of Crystal Valley.

Structure of blend tower is entirely hot-dipped galvanized, ensuring structural integrity and good looks for decades to come (without costly repainting.) Most components are stainless steel including storage bins, weigh hopper(s), blender(s), surge hopper, spouting, and gates. Grating on platform and stairs is noncorrosive and non-slip FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Polymer).

An 8-ton, twin-shaft, dual-drive stainless steel mixer can complete an 8-ton batch in just 45 seconds! Fed by two 8-ton weigh hoppers above to keep product moving. Produces a superior blend quality mix in 30 seconds; add 15 seconds per batch to impregnate. Blender discharges via two Bombay-style doors.

Good automation can make light work of a 1,000-ton day! Not all blend towers require automation but some of the faster and more complex do. It allows for remote management and oversight of the operation. Plus, payloader operators can control the system, including bin selection, without leaving the cab.

Never climb a ladder again! Add top-to-bottom, full-access stairs throughout the tower. Easy maintenance, easy climbing plus OSHA compliance. Grating and treads are FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Polymer), structurally strong, non-slip, and non-corrosive.

GSI InterSystems fertilizer blend towers have a standard enlarged footprint. Platforms allow for safe access to equipment for regular maintenance and post-season cleaning.

Twin stainless steel independent 8-ton weigh hoppers offer both speed and redundancy. Steep sidewalls ensure the product flows through quickly and without corner buildup.

Storage bins can be arranged to fit up to 12 major and minor bins and 300 tons of total storage. Heavy reinforcement minimizes bin wall flex and product bridging. Made of 100% stainless steel, bins won’t quickly rust or require repainting. Dual slope roofs shed moisture and accommodate tooled access to all product storage bins.

All major and minor bin stainless steel Salem gates include dual stage pneumatic cylinders to achieve accurate fertilizer blend prescriptions. In the full open position, it rotates out of the product stream, allowing for near 100% unobstructed product flow from the storage bin above to one of two weigh hoppers below. The second position allows the gates to partially open in a “trim” position, reducing fl ow when approaching the weigh hopper’s target weight. A “bump” feature allows a gate to open and close within milliseconds for very small product measurements.

“Applicators have noticed improved consistency and uniform chemical blending. Our team is able to maintain a better work/life balance, too. During the busy season, when we’re all working late no matter what, having this system shorten load times gets us home that much quicker. With the new GSI tower, we are able to load 10 trucks in 51 minutes!”

In the rapidly changing ag market, operations with the most flexibility win. The Crystal Valley team knew “standard” wouldn’t cut it. They consulted with Chad Harbaugh of Davis Equipment to select GSI’s InterSystems brand of higher-quality, heavy-duty fertilizer processing equipment. He was able to connect the dots between GSI’s engineered-to-order custom equipment and the specific needs of Crystal Valley. Davis Equipment has a reputation as a distributor of superior equipment for the ag industry, and Harbaugh’s natural ability to provide outstanding service proved invaluable for the Crystal Valley, GSI and contractor teams.

In today’s rapidly changing ag market, operations with the most flexibility to adapt to end-user requirements and volatile market conditions win. The current standard isn’t going to cut it for forward-thinking agricultural retail and commercial co-ops. By selecting GSI InterSystems fertilizer processing equipment, you’re making the bold choice to go beyond standard. See all author stories here.

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